Enhance Your Home with Decorative Mirrors!

Well-placed decorative mirrors can create the feeling of open space that complements any décor. Use as an interesting focal point, to reflect light creatively, or to make a small room seem larger than it is. Mixing up different shapes and sizes adds dimension to the space, and varying height placements is a fun way to draw attention to a wall display.

No matter how and where you choose to incorporate mirrors in your home, you can find the products you need at Northern Glass, Tile & Stone. We carry a variety of wall mirrors in stock and our friendly team of glasswork specialists can assist you in finding just the right style for your home. Shop framed or unframed mirrors at our commercial glass showroom in Eagle River!

Custom Cut Mirrors to Fit Your Design Goals

Looking for something a bit more original? Have a unique frame that you would like to fill? We can custom cut mirrors in any size, shape or style to fit your specifications. From bathroom mirrors to foyer and mantle top decoration, you can find quality glass products right here in Eagle River.

The best-looking homes are often those that have that one-in-a-kind flair. Custom cut, unframed, and framed mirrors from Northern Glass, Tile & Stone can create that aesthetically appealing uniqueness that will make your home stand out!

Add Function and Beauty to Commercial Spaces

Quality-cut mirrors are essential for businesses like fitness centers, retail stores and beauty salons. Consider adding a demonstration mirror to your teaching environment to maximize learning opportunities. Or shop uniquely shaped designs to create an inviting atmosphere to your commercial space. From lobby decoration to valuable tools for your business, Northern Glass, Tile and Stone can help define and fulfill your commercial mirror goals.

Create Artistic Reflections with Custom Mirrors From Northern Glass, Tile & Stone!