Are You Driving With a Cracked Windshield?

Our windshields are crucial to our safety while driving, creating a barrier between us and the highway and protecting us from the elements. As an important safety component of a vehicle, a damaged windshield needs to be tended to promptly. And when you are choosing an auto glass company, be sure to choose certified auto glass technicians that you trust, like Northern Glass, Tile & Stone of Eagle River.

How Did My Windshield Get Damaged?

We have all been there – you are driving down the road when all of a sudden, the vehicle ahead of you kicks up a rock that flies right at your windshield. Even a small rock can easily cause a nick or chip in your windshield, especially at 55 miles per hour. This is a main culprit of windshield damage, but far from the only one.

The fact is that driving is dirty work. Your windshield gets coated with road grime every day, and when you turn on your wipers, it puts pressure on that dirt and can grind it into your windshield. Over time, this wears on the integrity of the glass, making it more prone to chips and cracks.

Similarly, the weather conditions that your vehicle is naturally subjected to are your windshield’s enemy. This is especially true here in northern Wisconsin, where we are often driving in extreme cold temperatures with our heaters turned on high for comfort. Sudden changes in the temperature of the glass causes stress, and the smallest chip or imperfection can become a large crack.

Sometimes, there is no way to tell why you suddenly have a chip or crack in the glass. The important thing is that you attend to it as soon as possible, whether with a full windshield replacement or glass repair.

Do I Need a Windshield Replacement?

Quality Auto Glass ReplacementThe answer to this question varies by situation. Our certified glass technicians may be able to repair a small nick without a full windshield replacement. The experts recommend that a crack or chip larger than  the size of a quarter receive a full replacement because it could cause further damage, even after the spot is repaired.

Location also plays a factor. Cracks on the sides of the windshield are more dangerous, and if it is directly in front of the driver, it should be replaced completely. Star shaped cracks quickly weaken the entire windshield, beyond what the naked eye can see. Your best bet is to trust the professionals – we will perform repairs IF they are safe and save you money, and will inform you as to the best course of action.

How Do I Choose a Trustworthy Auto Glass Specialist?

It’s a sad fact that not all auto glass companies are worthy of your trust. There have been many reports of everything from insurance scams to replacements using inferior and unsafe glass around the country. Be sure that you choose a company that is fully certified, and talk to the glass technicians. A strong reputation with years of experience is best.

Northern Glass, Tile & Stone provides quality auto glass replacement and repairs in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Our technicians are certified and meet all national safety standards so that you don’t have to wonder about the quality of your auto glass. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards because we care about your safety. And we would be happy to help you with insurance claims, if necessary. Choose Northern Glass, Tile & Stone for your auto glass needs!

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